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Macdonald Wildfire

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
160Sat, Oct 2609:30Stride Arena2Portage Thunder U14 Davis1Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
152Sun, Oct 2718:45Ile des Chenes2Eastman Heat 14A9Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
162Sat, Nov 218:15Sanford7Macdonald Wildfire0Eastman Heat 14AScheduled Round RobinU14 A
163Sun, Nov 315:30Starbuck3Macdonald Wildfire2Interlake IgniteScheduled Round RobinU14 A
167Sat, Nov 917:20Glenwood1BVRA BLAZE- U14 A5Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
157Sun, Nov 1014:15Starbuck7Macdonald Wildfire0BVRA BLAZE- U14 AScheduled Round RobinU14 A
150Sat, Nov 3017:00Sanford4Macdonald Wildfire0Portage Thunder U14 DavisScheduled Round RobinU14 A
U14 A-1Thu, Dec 518:45Seven Oaks RedMacdonald WildfireBVRA BLAZE- U14 AScheduled Round RobinU14 A
U14 A-5Fri, Dec 619:15Seven Oaks BlueMacdonald WildfireRegina AcesScheduled Round RobinU14 A
U14 A-9Sat, Dec 712:30East End 1Portage Thunder U14 DavisMacdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
U14 A-11Sat, Dec 718:00Seven Oaks BlueEastman Heat 14AMacdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
153Sun, Dec 1516:15St. Andrews1Interlake Ignite0Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
682Sun, Jan 515:30StarbuckMacdonald WildfirePortage Thunder U14 DavisCancelled Round RobinU14 A
673Sat, Jan 1112:40Jonathan Toews South2BVRA BLAZE- U14 A4Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
683Sun, Jan 1214:15Starbuck5Macdonald Wildfire2BVRA BLAZE- U14 AScheduled Round RobinU14 A
3Wed, Jan 1518:45East End 2Macdonald WildfireEASTMAN HEATScheduled Round RobinU14A
18Fri, Jan 1718:45East End 2Interlake IgniteMacdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14A
38Sat, Jan 1816:15East End 1EASTMAN HEATMacdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14A
47Sun, Jan 1908:30East End 2Macdonald WildfireInterlake IgniteScheduled Round RobinU14A
687Sat, Jan 2519:15Ile des Chenes0Eastman Heat 14A6Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
682-RWed, Jan 2919:15Starbuck4Macdonald Wildfire2Portage Thunder U14 DavisRescheduled Round RobinU14 A
672Sat, Feb 109:30Stride Arena3Portage Thunder U14 Davis2Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
680Sat, Feb 810:45Selkirk Rec Complex1Interlake Ignite0Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU14 A
677Sat, Feb 1517:00Sanford7Macdonald Wildfire0Eastman Heat 14AScheduled Round RobinU14 A
670Sun, Feb 1615:30Starbuck2Macdonald Wildfire0Interlake IgniteScheduled Round RobinU14 A
U14 A-2Wed, Feb 2618:30Jonathan Toews SouthMacdonald WildfireWinner of game #U14 A-1Scheduled Double KOU14 A

U14 A

Macdonald Wildfire is ranked #1 in the U14 A Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Macdonald Wildfire120424661816
#2Portage Thunder U14 Davis102422645516
#3Interlake Ignite71815645116
#4BVRA BLAZE- U14 A70914677316
#5Eastman Heat 14A21135359916
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