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Game Schedule

Oct 28, 2018 - Feb 17, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
47Sun, Oct 2816:15Ile des Chenes71Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
55Sat, Nov 309:15Portage Mutual Arena97Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
53Sun, Nov 417:30Ile des Chenes77Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
43Sat, Nov 2412:30Ste. Agathe81Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
40Sun, Dec 217:30Ile des Chenes612Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
45Sat, Dec 809:00Oakbank ONE Insurance104Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
36Sun, Dec 917:30Ile des Chenes25Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
32Sun, Dec 1617:00Jonathan Toews South510Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1947Sat, Jan 511:50Jonathan Toews North78Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1942Sun, Jan 617:30Ile des Chenes73Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1957Sun, Jan 1317:30Ile des Chenes98Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1945Sat, Jan 2610:45Lorette42Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1948Sun, Feb 317:30Ile des Chenes610Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1938Sat, Feb 909:30Selkirk Rec Complex46Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1952Sat, Feb 1612:45Gateway Blue56Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
1955Sun, Feb 1711:45Eric Coy65Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3