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Game Schedule

Oct 27, 2018 - Feb 17, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
15Sat, Oct 2710:45Beausejour SunGro57Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
8Sat, Nov 317:15East End 207Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
19Sat, Nov 1713:45East End 118Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
27Sun, Nov 1817:00Jonathan Toews South81Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
EXU10A1Mon, Nov 1918:30Oakbank ONE Insurance810Scheduled ExhibitionU10 A1
25Sat, Dec 113:45East End 148Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
17Sun, Dec 215:00St. Andrews29Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
4Sun, Dec 914:15Starbuck83Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
12Sat, Dec 1513:45East End 192Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
1916Sat, Jan 513:45East End 186Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1931Sun, Jan 610:15Oakbank ONE Insurance99Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1936Sat, Jan 1217:15East End 273Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1921Sat, Jan 2618:15Sanford89Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1927Sat, Feb 213:15Stride Arena88Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1923Sat, Feb 914:45East End 21117Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1934Sat, Feb 1613:45East End 1812Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1919Sun, Feb 1713:15Stride Arena97Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2