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#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
390Sun, Nov 319:15Seven Oaks Red2Cougars4Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
384Sat, Nov 917:00Seven Oaks Blue1Cougars5Blaze 2.0Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
374Sun, Nov 1715:30Mitchell7Mitchell Ringhawks4CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
401Sun, Nov 2419:15Seven Oaks Blue8Cougars2Kirkfield WestwoodScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
407Mon, Nov 2518:30Seven Oaks Red10Cougars4Southside StingersScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
395Sat, Dec 718:15Sam Southern3Bad News Beers4CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
370Sun, Dec 817:00Max Bell6The Herd6CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
412Sat, Dec 1420:30St James Civic Centre2Let's Get Iced8CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
917Sat, Jan 419:15St James Civic Centre3Let's Get Iced6CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
929Sat, Jan 1118:00St. Norbert2All Up in Her Slot2CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
907Sun, Jan 1918:15Seven Oaks Blue3Cougars7Blaze 2.0Scheduled Round RobinOpen 2
925Sun, Jan 2614:30Seven Oaks Red9Cougars5Mitchell RinghawksScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
901Sat, Feb 120:30St James Civic Centre3Kirkfield Westwood5CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
895Mon, Feb 318:30Seven Oaks Red4Cougars1The HerdScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
921Sat, Feb 820:30St James Civic Centre7Sturgeon Heights7CougarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
889Sun, Feb 1613:00Seven Oaks Red3Cougars2Goal DiggersScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
Open 2-2Wed, Feb 1920:30Starbuck7Sturgeon Heights8CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 2-10Tue, Feb 2521:00River EastWinner of game #Open 2-5CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2

Open 2

Cougars is ranked #5 in the Open 2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Blaze 2.01402281013716
#2Mitchell Ringhawks121325894916
#3Bad News Beers121325623316
#4Sturgeon Heights93421775816
#6Kirkfield Westwood80816637616
#7Goal Diggers61913737216
#8All Up in Her Slot421010396616
#9The Herd421010496616
#10Let's Get Iced20144449616
#11Southside Stingers111434510816
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