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Beausejour Ringers

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
ER5Sat, Oct 1316:15Ste. Agathe7Red River Rage - Harder1Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A
15Sat, Oct 2710:45Beausejour SunGro5Beausejour Ringers7Transcona Park City WildcatsScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
18Sun, Nov 414:15Starbuck11MacDonald Wildfire6Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
11Sat, Nov 1010:45Beausejour SunGro3Beausejour Ringers9AWScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
1Sat, Nov 2412:00Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers1SWRA/Fort Garry FlyersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
20Sun, Nov 2508:20Jonathan Toews North10BVRA Blaze - Champagne3Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
22Sat, Dec 109:30C A Barbour0SWRA/Fort Garry Flyers7Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
ER28Sun, Dec 210:30Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers13Red River Rage - HarderScheduled Round RobinU10 A
7Sun, Dec 915:00St. Andrews1Interlake Extreme8Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
26Sat, Dec 1510:45Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers1Interlake ExtremeScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
1926Sat, Jan 510:45Beausejour SunGro7Beausejour Ringers11Portage Thunder VanDammeScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
20Sat, Jan 1215:45Selkirk Rec ComplexBeausejour RingersPortage Thunder RossScheduled Round RobinU10
28Sun, Jan 1308:15Selkirk Rec Complex7Beausejour Ringers6Selkirk StingersScheduled Round RobinU10
34Sun, Jan 1315:00St. Andrews8Beausejour Ringers10Portage Thunder VanDammeScheduled Round RobinU10
1932Sat, Jan 1910:45Beausejour SunGro5Beausejour Ringers5MacDonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1920Sat, Jan 2610:45Beausejour SunGro5Beausejour Ringers9Springfield StormScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1935Sat, Feb 209:00Oakbank ONE Insurance7Springfield Storm7Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1917Sun, Feb 314:15Starbuck7MacDonald Wildfire2Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1923Sat, Feb 914:45East End 211Transcona Park City Wildcats17Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1929Sun, Feb 1009:45BDO Centre9Portage Thunder Ross5Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
1914Sat, Feb 1610:45Beausejour SunGro10Beausejour Ringers7Portage Thunder RossScheduled Round RobinU10 A2
U10 A2-2Sat, Feb 2309:30Jonathan Toews North0MacDonald Wildfire7Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A2-4Sun, Feb 2413:00Eric Coy6Transcona Park City Wildcats5Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A2-5Sat, Mar 209:00Stonewall VMSC9Springfield Storm3Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2

U10 A1

Beausejour Ringers is ranked #3 in the U10 A1 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1BVRA Blaze - Champagne7011456258
#2Red River Rage - Harder5031060408

U10 A2

Beausejour Ringers is ranked #6 in the U10 A2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Portage Thunder VanDamme5211275588
#2Transcona Park City Wildcats323867728
#3MacDonald Wildfire323853508
#4Portage Thunder Ross323877768
#5Springfield Storm224661698
#6Beausejour Ringers224658668
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